Roof leaks are never a good sign, but if the leak you find is small, you may be tempted to shrug it off. Maybe you figure there’s no genuine concern since the weather is mild, or perhaps you figure a little water won’t cause too much damage.

This is a common line of thinking, but it’s not a wise one. Roof leaks should never be ignored. In fact, if you discover a roof leak, you should call for emergency roof repair. Here are four key reasons roof leaks require prompt action.


Roof Leaks Lead to Mold


Where there is moisture, there will soon be mold. Even a small leak can allow enough water into your attic to cause molding. Mold grows and spreads quickly, so before long, you may end up with mold on your insulation and structural materials. Mold can be expensive to clean up, and it often triggers allergic reactions. The sooner you have a leak repaired, the fewer problems you’ll have with mold.


Roof Leaks Can Lead to Fires


Usually, fire and water don’t mix, but in the case of a roof leak, you have to be concerned about your electrical wiring. If water leaks into your attic and comes into contact with your electrical wires, a fire could start. Electrical fires spread quickly and can cause terrible destruction. The best way to avoid such fires is to have roof leaks repaired ASAP.


Roof Leaks Damage Insulation


Your attic insulation plays an important role. It helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also protects your roof from the effects of excessive heat transfer. If your attic insulation gets wet due to a roof leak, it will become compacted and less effective. 


Roof Leaks Damage Building Materials


Most building materials used in attics are porous and absorb water readily. For example, the wood which forms your attic floor and ceiling will absorb water if it gets wet. This can cause the building materials to expand, contract, distort, and weaken over time.

If you don’t deal with a roof leak promptly, you’ll also be left coping with mold, damaged materials, and an increased risk of fire. It’s worth calling for emergency repair for a leaking roof. Contact KM Construction for roofing services in McHenry County, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our expert roofers will examine your roof and make the necessary repairs.