When your roof leaks or shows signs of wear and tear, simple repairs might be enough to fix the problem. However, widespread damage or more serious issues might require a roof replacement, which involves having your current roof taken off and a new one installed.

Knowing whether it just needs repairs or a total replacement can be challenging when you’re having problems with your roof. Roof repairs can provide a less costly solution, but in some cases, a roof replacement is the better option. When deciding between roof replacement and repair, compare the following factors.

1. Quality of Materials

The quality of your roof materials can help you choose between repairs or a replacement. If your roof has low-quality asphalt shingles or other poor-quality roofing materials, a total roof replacement might be better than repairs. Replacing low-quality materials with high-quality ones can give you a new roof in the best condition possible. 

2. Quality of Installation

Roof installations are complex and need to be handled with expert care. A poor roof installation can lead to ongoing problems, resulting in the need for a roof replacement. Roofing components might fail before reaching their expected lifespan, or roofs might be more vulnerable to damage from storms and other hazards due to poor installation.

If you’ve been having problems with your roof, this could indicate that it wasn’t correctly installed. While you might be able to have some issues taken care of with repairs, a roof replacement might be a wiser choice, as long as your new roof is installed correctly.

3. Weather Exposure

The kind of weather your roof has been exposed to over the years is another critical factor to consider. If your roof has faded from sun exposure, a roof replacement can provide more aesthetic value than repairs. Instead of replacing faded shingles, you can have a new roof with a uniform look.

If your roof has been exposed to high winds or severe storms, this kind of weather can weaken it. You might have missing shingles or loose flashing, which puts your home at risk of leaks. Minor repairs might fix some of these issues, but significant storm damage or frequent storm damage over the years means you should consider replacing it.

4. Repair Location

Consider which part of your roof is damaged. If it’s a prominent part of your roof and the damage is severe enough, you might want to go with a roof replacement. Repairs can sometimes negatively affect the appearance of your roof, such as when you have an area of patched up or new shingles don’t quite match the rest of your roof.

A roof replacement provides you with a whole new roof, increasing your home’s curb appeal. Instead of having unsightly areas where repairs were done, you’ll have a brand new roof in excellent condition. This can add value to your home and make it look more attractive, which is vital if you plan to put it on the market.

5. Age of Roof

The age of your roof can help you decide if you should have repairs or a replacement done. Your roof’s lifespan depends on the material (both quality and type) used since some last longer than others. If your roof is getting close to reaching its lifespan, having a roof replacement done can make more sense.

If your roof is relatively new, having repairs done might be a better option. A younger roof isn’t as vulnerable to damage from excessive wear and tear, especially if you have routine maintenance done.

An older roof is more likely to develop problems due to wear and tear. Signs of an older roof can include curling, missing, or blistering shingles. Instead of having multiple repairs done, which can add up, consider having it replaced with a brand new roof.

How to Decide on Roof Replacement vs. Repair

Without the right knowledge, you might not be able to determine if your roof needs repairs or a replacement. Since it’s dangerous to go up on your roof to evaluate it, you’ll also need to weigh this decision without being able to take a closer look.

The good news is you don’t have to make this decision on your own. In fact, getting advice from a professional helps ensure you make an informed decision about your roof. Talk to your roofer about whether your roof would be better off with a total replacement or repairs. Roofers can get onto your roof to assess its condition.

If you’re looking for dependable roofers in McHenry County, please contact KM Construction. Our roofers can evaluate several factors to determine if you should have roof repairs or a roof replacement.