An estimate on a roof replacement or repair is sometimes misunderstood by homeowners and thought to be inflated and have unnecessary items. A roof system has many parts that must be in good condition to provide safe and secure coverage for your home. These are the factors used to provide a complete estimate.

Aspects of a Roofing Estimate 

  • Pitch – A roof with a steeper slope may cost more to install due to safety and difficulty concerns. 
  • Materials – This will include all items necessary to complete the job.
  • Accessibility – The difficulty factors to access all areas of your roof. Various configurations can require the installers to bring more construction equipment.
  • Size – A roofing square is a method used by roofers to measure a roof. A 10 by 10 square foot area is one roofing square which is 100 square feet.
  • Labor – The cost of labor is affected by many factors. Pitch, materials, size, and accessibility control the number of hours needed by a team to complete the job. This is reflected in labor costs. At KM Construction, we pride ourselves on keeping labor costs as low as possible. 

You will receive an estimate of all materials necessary to complete the job. If you have extensive water damage, the old plywood roof decking will need to be replaced with new material. 

Depending on the extent of the damage, this could significantly add to the cost of labor and materials. Here are several of the items you may see included in your free estimate from KM Construction.


  • Shingles – The cost is different depending on the type of shingles used on your roof. Asphalt, Metal, & Cedar shakes will all have different prices. 
  • Flashing – Cost will vary depending if your current flashing is damaged and needs to be replaced.
  • Underlayment – The condition of your underlayment is determined during the inspection.
  • Fasteners – Roofing nails, fasteners for the gutters if necessary, and any straps or other types of hardware.


The cost of labor is calculated by using roofing squares to measure the area. Additional factors are roof pitch and difficulty in accessing the roof which adds to the completion time.

KM Construction will list all labor-related costs in the free estimate.

It is always a good idea when budgeting to account for the worst-case scenario. This is not usually the case unless there is major damage due to a storm, fire, or high wind condition. A complete inspection by a professional roofing company will reveal any damaged areas. Your estimate from KM Construction will include all repairs. 

Time Frame 

A professional roofing contractor will give you an estimated time for starting and completing the work. Experienced technicians know the time necessary to complete the specific tasks required for your roof. Every roof repair or replacement is different. Your neighbor’s roof may take more or less time than the same construction for your home.


The cost of necessary permits will always be included in the free estimate from KM Construction. Don’t sign any contract from a contractor who claims permits are not required for roofing. Every city has building codes that need to be followed when doing construction. This is for safety reasons.


A dumpster needs to be put on the site and hauled away after the job is complete. A certified contractor will always make sure the area around your home is free of nails, screws, and pieces of old roofing before leaving the job site. The cleanup fees should be included in the estimate.

The purpose of an accurate estimate is to ensure you don’t get surprised by charges you weren’t expecting when starting the job. Estimates can’t always be perfect, but employing a professional roofing company with experience and knowledge of all types of roofing gives you confidence in the accuracy of the estimate.

Payment Details

The date and amount of the deposit should be clearly stated in the estimate. Also included should be the date when the remaining balance is expected to be paid. You will want to know if credit cards or checks are accepted for payment. All professional contractors will accept these methods.

A professional roofing company will include these items in a completely free estimate. Please contact KM Construction for a free estimate on roof repairs or replacement. Our experienced staff will find the best solution for getting your roof in top shape. Whether repairs will be the solution or a completely new roofing system is a better alternative, we pride ourselves in customer service. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions regarding roof estimates or any of our services. We have been proudly serving customers in McHenry, Lake, and Northwest Cook Counties since 1999. Let’s get started on your roof today!