Roof damage is never fun to deal with. Any repairs need to be made quickly to prevent additional water damage. To make the situation even more challenging, you may find the company who installed your roof has gone out of business. So even if they guaranteed their work, you’re left paying for repairs on your own.

Is there a way to avoid this chaos? Yes. A good roof warranty can give you peace of mind and protection. 

Why Are Roof Warranties Important?

Every customer who has a roof installed should protect their roof with a warranty. There are four key reasons why warranties are essential.

1. Homeowners’ Insurance Doesn’t Always Cover Repairs

Some homeowners don’t buy a roof warranty because they assume their homeowners’ insurance will cover any future repairs. But insurance companies can be quite selective about what they cover. For example, they often refuse to cover damage due to neglect or faulty materials or workmanship. A roof warranty, however, will cover your repair costs if the damage is because of defective materials or bad workmanship. Since the average roof costs thousands of dollars to replace, it’s worth ensuring you’re truly covered.

2. Roofing Companies Go Out of Business

In a perfect world, you’d call the company who installed your roof if something went wrong. They’d look it over, find the leak, and make the repairs at little or no cost to you if it is due to materials or workmanship. Unfortunately, though, things don’t always play out this way.

Roofing is hard work. Not everyone who gets into the roofing industry sticks around long-term. Many companies go out of business in five years or less. If your roof is protected by a third-party warranty, you can have another company come to make the repairs. And your roof will still be covered.

3. Roof Materials Are Not Perfect

Very few roof failures are due to faulty materials. Roofing materials are made in a factory with constantly changing formulas. This could at times lead to a defective material. Roofers may not realize a roofing material is defective when they install it. This only becomes clear later on when the roof fails prematurely.

With a roof warranty, you have recourse if your roof prematurely needs repairs or replacement due to faulty materials. The warranty will cover the materials and labor.

4. Homebuyers Look for Roof Warranties

If you decide to sell your home, having a roof warranty will make it an appealing option for buyers. The warranty gives buyers reassurance that if anything happens to the roof, they won’t be hit with costly repair bills. Thanks to a simple roof warranty, you may have an easier time finding a buyer, and you may even earn more for your home.

The Golden Pledge Warranty

While there are several good roof warranties, the one we find most favorable is The Golden Pledge Warranty. This 50-year warranty has three critical advantages over its competitors.

  1. First, the Golden Pledge Warranty offers 25 years of complete coverage against manufacturer defects. It is not prorated like many other warranties. If your roof needs repairs after five years, they’ll be covered. If it needs repairs after 24 years, it’ll still be covered.
  2. Second, the Golden Pledge Warranty covers labor, accessories, and other incidental items. It also covers any tear-off costs. Most other warranties exclude labor and accessories, covering materials only.
  3. Third, the Golden Pledge Warranty offers full coverage. Other warranties often leave the homeowner accountable for 50% of the costs, usually from day one. 

This warranty offers full, honest, complete coverage for your roof. We cannot recommend it enough.

GAF Roofing

The Golden Pledge Warranty is a product offered by GAF, the manufacturer of some of the best roofing shingles on the market. KM Construction has been installing GAF roofs for years. In fact, we are a GAF Master Elite Installer. We know GAF products in and out and how to install them for the best performance.

Thanks to the quality of GAF materials and our expertise in installation, we see very few cases of premature roof failure. However, mistakes happen, and we know GAF will take accountability and make things right when they do. The Golden Pledge Warranty is one way they do so. 

If your GAF roof ever does show signs of a defect, you know it will be repaired by trained, qualified roofers. GAF products are easy to repair and tune up, but we are never opposed to replacing a roof if it’s the best solution. 

Your roof is meant to protect your home, and a warranty is intended to protect your roof. At KM Construction in McHenry County, we are proud to install GAF roofing products and to offer the Golden Pledge Warranty. Contact us to learn more about these products or to start planning your roof replacement.