When your roof is showing its age or has extensive damage, it’s time for a roof replacement. Having your roof replaced is a great way to ensure your home stays comfortable and safe from the elements.

Since this is a complex process, you might wonder what to expect in your roof replacement from start to finish. The following information can help you understand how your roof replacement should go, so you can plan ahead as needed.

Expect Excellent Communication

A roof replacement is a significant project and it’s crucial to have good communication with your roofer. Throughout the entire process, from the initial inspection to the final inspection, your roofer should keep the lines of communication open with you and promptly respond to any concerns you have. If there are any delays or issues with your roof replacement, reliable roofers will let you know as soon as possible.

Having excellent communication from your roofer means they should provide courteous service. Being open with you about what to expect from your roof replacement, even if it involves delays or other problems, helps ensure you’re kept in the loop.

Dependable roofers also let homeowners know about the cost upfront instead of including hidden fees. This helps prevent unpleasant surprises when it’s time to pay for your roof replacement.

Work With Your Roofer to Make the Best Material Choice

As part of your roof replacement, your roofer should help you choose the best material. You don’t have to choose the same material as your current roof, although this might be the best choice in some cases. For example, you might be able to switch to cedar shake instead of asphalt shingles if you want to give your home a new look.

Choosing the best material for your new roof will depend on your budget, style and appearance preferences, and other factors, such as the slope of your roof. Your roofer can guide you on exploring different options for roofing materials and weighing the pros and cons of each before making your decision.

A few of your options for roofing materials include asphalt shingles, cedar shake, and metal. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. For example asphalt shingles are usually the most cost-effective but metal provides excellent energy efficiency. Having an experienced roofer at your side means you’ll be able to make an informed roofing material decision for your home.

Know What to Expect During the Roof Replacement Process

After having an initial inspection done and receiving an estimate to look over, you’ll need to decide whether or not to accept the estimate. If you do, you’ll then sign a contract with your roofer.

When the contract is signed, your roofer will order the materials for your roof replacement. These materials will be drop-shipped directly to your house, so your roofer won’t have to spend time transporting them. You can also expect to receive a call to schedule your roof replacement. It is possible for work to be delayed in the event of unfavorable weather like storms or extreme temperatures.

On the day your roof replacement starts, your roofing crew will begin the process by tearing your old roof off and placing it in bins for disposal. When the old roof is gone, they can start putting on the new one.

The time it takes for your new roof to be installed can vary depending on certain factors, such as the size and build of your home. The amount of detail work needed for valleys, penetrations, and other areas can also affect how long the process takes. 

Having your roof replaced might involve more than installing new shingles. You may also need certain layers replaced, such as the decking, ice and water shield, or underlayment.

When your roof replacement is finished, your roofing crew will clean up any materials still lying around. They’ll also do a final inspection to ensure your new roof has been correctly installed and there are no problems. Make sure you ask any questions about your new roof before the roofing crew leaves, such as how to care for it.

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